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Pet Groomer Insurance Coverage

There is more to business insurance that just general liability insurance. 

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We find that most people purchase at least general liability, professional liability, and animal bailee.

General liability insurance is designed to protect you in the event of a claim for bodily injury or property damage to a third party. Other coverages may including claims from damage arising out of premises, products, operations, completed operations, and personal and advertising injury.

Be careful when comparing quotes to make sure that the general liability policy for which you are applying is not a "premises only" policy and that products and completed operations are not excluded, unless that is what you are seeking.

Professional liability insurance is designed to protect you in the event that you are sued for failing to correctly render a service. Professional Liability are often excluded from general liability policies, so make sure that you see this coverage specifically listed. 

Animal Bailee coverage or a pet floater is designed to protect you in the event that you are sued because an animal should sustain certain injuries or become sick while in your care custody and control. It can also cover accidental death or electrocution.

Mobile Pet Groomer Equipment Coverage is designed to insure equipment that is permanently attached to your grooming vehicle.

Groomer Business Personal Property is designed to equipment used in the course of your business that is located at your place of business. If you travel, it is important to confirm that you have coverage for business personal property "off the premises." We can generally offer this coverage to both mobile groomers and those who work from a grooming shop.

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Types of Pet Care Businesses We Quote

Pet Groomer Insurance
Doggy Daycare Insurance
Dog Walker Insurance
Home-Based Groomer Insurance
Kennel Insurance
Pet Sitter Insurance

Coverage to Consider

General Liability
Groomer Professional Liability (E&O)
Animal Bailee Coverage 
Pet Floaters
Commercial Auto
Mobile Pet Groomer Equipment
Equipment and Property Coverage
Employment Practice Liability Insurance
Workers Compensation

Types of Groomers

Bird Groomer Insurance
Cat Groomer Insurance
Dog Groomer
Show Dog Groomer Insurance
NDGA Member Groomer Insurance

Independent Contractors Welcome

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Thanks to our proprietary method, we can compare the rate of different insurance companies to find the coverage that you want at a price that you like.